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New And Exciting Local Products

We Are Proud To Be Stocking More New Local Supplier From Skelmersdale & Ormskirk ........


Gracious Grub (Skelmersdale)

Amazing Fresh Foods From This Amazing Supplier All Fully Vegan, The Tastes Are A Total Out Of This World And The Gluten Free Brownies Are The Best We Have Ever Tried !!!! Instore In The Chilled Food Sections Now .


Ma Joyce (Ormskirk)

Vegan Pies That Are Full Of Flavour And Filled Of Flavours Once You Tried Ma Joyce Pies They Will Become A Regular Purchase Available In The Chiller Sections In 4 Amazing Flavours .


Natural Glow (Skelmersdale)

​A Fantastic Range Of Candles & Melts Totally Vegan & Free Of Any Toxins & Parafins made from only the best essential Oils Bringing You Some Amazing Aromas For Your Home And Relaxation .



Ooh !


Ooh! Dairy Free is the vegan sibling of Ooh! Chocolata, a family firm based near Bristol making delicious things with chocolate. The company started with one unit in 2013 and when next door became available we did not hesitate to take it on and transform it into a stand-alone allergen free factory. A further challenge was to make the chocolate from scratch so that we could be sure that all the ingredients were not only free from all of the 14 major allergens, but that none were handled anywhere on site. We are delighted that the Love Health and Wellbeing shops now sell our dairy free range- the only stockist in Lancashire!


New In Vo2 Vegan Bars

Vo2 Vegan started as a response to the lack of quality energy bars for the vegan market.

Beetroot is a brilliant vegetable with lots of health and performance benefits. So much so that we here at Vo2 Vegan love the stuff which is why we have produced this unBEETable beetroot bar.

But what makes beetroot so brilliant I hear you ask?

Well go grab a brew, one of our unBEETable bars to tickle your taste buds and get your feet up for it is time for us to don our white lab coats and delve into the science of what makes beetroot so brilliant.

Let’s start with the general stuff, did you know that beetroot has been found to be a powerful antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties and also vascular-protective effects which have been repeatedly shown in multiple studies (Clifford, et al., 2015). No you haven’t? Well now you know! These findings have led to increased popularity as a nutritional approach to help manage cardiovascular disease (Lundberg, et al., 2008) and cancer (Kapadia, et al., 2011).

Beetroot can help to improve blood pressure (Lansley, et al., 2011), reduce inflammation (Pietrzkowski, et al., 2010), prevent oxidative stress (Clifford, et al., 2015) preserve endothelial (a thin membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels) function (Webb, et al., 2008), and can increase blood flow in the frontal cortex (Presley, et al., 2011). As well as all these amazing benefits beetroot supplementation has repeatedly been found to improve athletic performance (Lansley, et al., 2011; Larsen, et al., 2007; Santana, et al., 2019).


Even Bigger & Better

Due To Increased Demand We Now Have A Wider Range Of Avogel .......


Manuka Lab Skin & Body Care

New In From Our Friends At Manuka Lab, Award Winning Triple Action Formula Range From Skin, Hair And  Teeth 


Solgar Now In

Due To Customer Demand We Now Stock Solgar .....


Skyn Bakery

Now In Store This Amazing Vegan Friendly Natural Soaps & Skincare Made In Ormskirk,

Once You Try This Fantastic Range You Will Know Luxury At Its Very Best 

From Colin @ Nutra Kombucha

New Bigger Range

​With The Success Of Our Sports Nutrition Range We Have Now Made It Bigger And More To Come So If You Cant See What You Are Looking For Please Ask, We Are Here For You 

Something Amazing Coming In Soon

​We Are Excited To Announce That "Our Paulas" Fantastic Vegan Fresh Foods Will Be In Store Soon, These Amazing Products Are Packed With Flavours And Of The Highest Quality, We Really Cant Wait !!! More News To Come ......


Try Our Manuka Lab Fruit Infused Manuka Honey


Have You Tried Our Manuka Lab Fruit Infused Manuka Honey ?, Pop In Store And Have A Taste 4 Fantastic Flavours And only £29.99

Buy One Get One Free !!